Bruno Mars – Grenade [Lyrics]

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Bruno Mars – Grenade [Lyrics]


Angela Horak says:

You would catch a grenade, put ur hand on a blade, jump in front of a train, but would u step on a Lego?

Vaporeon fangirl101 vaporeon says:

This song is sooooo good I love it I used to sing it way off when I was young and listen to it on my brothers ipod

Carlos Gomez says:

there is a mistake is, you were trouble not you was…..

Lovingmusic says:

I actually love this song so much because its so relatable

Addyson Henderson says:

i would probaly never jump in front of a train for anyone exspet for my boyfriend

Addyson Henderson says:

love this for life

crictonites says:

i'd do everything for her but she will never do the same❤

meowycat 200 says:

Emotional for me to hold in the tears

Aaliyah Queen says:

I love Bruno Mars ❤️

Lupe Nunez says:

catch a grenade

[Generic Firstname] [Generic Lastname] says:

If you where to make this song in 2018 you'd be called misogynistic….

Gracie Hayes says:

Whose listening in 2018

Precious Creations says:

those word was incredible for a man

Precious Creations says:

Who would treat you like so sorry

soflax Tizz says:

if you would jump in front the train for her you,ll never see her again

John Lalrindika says:

tell the devil i said hey

that part was a really painful thing to say after breakup

Arka Das says:

You guys still watching this in 2019??? #fromTheFuture

xX_Purplegirl_xX :/ says:

So I'll take a nerf bullet for yaaaaaaa!!!!

Colby Last says:

Love dis song

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