NBA’s Best Plays | Week 9

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Check out the best plays from week 9 of the 2018-2019 NBA Season!

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Jay Whiteside says:

Steve Smith???


and why You put Lonzo in The thumb? lol He is trash 8ppg and you are thinking he is a future all star or something, Doncic,Young and Mo Bamba ect are better than him. Lonzo is a Daddy trash baby boy.

EnjoiThis says:

it's annoying watching how many of these amazing plays are just a dude travelling. Eh it is a show too. Making dudes look like they can't play defense when really they just assumed that the other guy couldn't take 3 steps around them and get away with it all the time.

qulluminati says:

why the quality of videos are so low? ;(

Kory Matsen says:

Lakers Lakers Lakers clearly no bias in this video LOL

Lucas Campillo says:

One play from Denver? Come on now, we're at the top of the West and playing great ball.

Ilan Oresky says:

10:56 was actually a foul on Harden too, shoulda been a 4 point play.

funny how he gets all the foul calls in the world on him but they cant get calls against him right

Hakan Bos says:

Long new hair generation players, silly looks


could never think of this few months ago..9:10

ah yao says:

Kyrie MIxtape!!!

Erica L says:

Why does Lonzo always look so gormless

Michael Eyob says:

I love basketball!!!!

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