China wants to see a deal done with US: Fmr. Canadian Ambassador to China

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Former Canadian Ambassador to China David Mulroney on China detaining two Canadian citizens and U.S. trade negotiations with China.


Aston Bright says:

Come on China. Hard honest work should always prevail over stealing oil.

yu says:

Sure China wants to have a deal with US, base on mutual respect and win-win outcome

Chen Lee says:

Yes, this is China! Always has been. Nothing new.

Cash Cash says:

where is donald dumb??? That liar needs to be impeach and jailed!!!!!

Roy Yang says:

good insights from former ambassador. let this be a lesson for all foreigners looking to further invest in china! you will NOT be treated fairly!! look elsewhere…

crashweaverda says:

You can't trust a commie.

Mark Jacob says:

Trump gonna get a good fair deal, otherwise China will suffer economically

Ritchie fabulous says:

No deal. Never trust China

sajid hossain says:

U started the war… Its just a repurcusion.. China didnt attack u. U people r hypocrite and media fanatic because u show we r winner in media but actually u people r loser.

Patrick Henry says:

Watch out for Chinese trolls trying to spread communist and anti-American propaganda. The 50 cent army is in full effect, folks. They will use Western and non-Chinese sounding names to look more credible, and will call people Indian/Russian/Taiwanese bots when they are discovered. They are incredibly fragile when being told the truth about China's situation and can't accept anything beyond what their state propaganda tells them. Report them to the NSA for investigation, as per widely available instructions. This is all evidence to be used against them in the coming months. This is a cut/paste message as a warning to real Americans watching this video against Chinese communist propaganda. You can tell them by their fragility over basic criticisms of China, as well as their ability to repeat over and over (albeit with different phrasing) "China good! America bad!"

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