Microsoft PowerShell for Beginners – Video 1

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This part 1 of a multi-part series for learning PowerShell. This video covers the basics to get you up and running.
* Get-Command
* Get-Help
* Get-Alias
* Get-Member
* Get-History
* Start-Transcript

Video 2 on manipulating Lists is here:

Want to make your PowerShell color coded and easier to use? Check out this video for Windows 7 and 8.

For support or more information about PowerShell check out

Edit notes: None. 🙂


GuenterErde1 says:

I dont normally leave comments, but this is a top tier intro. Thanks!

Domit Domit says:

Thanks for the video 🙂 ! quite useful

Ali Hacker says:

Thanks brother…you are awesome!!

RPG_ash says:

nice video. lol @ 4:57 about AS400

pavetheworldlovely says:

i updated help and got this message –
update-help : Failed to update Help for the module(s) 'WindowsUpdateProvider' with UI culture(s) {en-US} : Unable to

retrieve the HelpInfo XML file for UI culture en-US. Make sure the HelpInfoUri property in the module manifest is

valid or check your network connection and then try the command again.

At line:1 char:1

+ update-help

+ ~~~~~~~~~~~

+ CategoryInfo : ResourceUnavailable: (:) [Update-Help], Exception

+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : UnableToRetrieveHelpInfoXml,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.UpdateHelpCommand

What does it mean, or where can i go to find out.
By the way, great video. I am looking forward to seeing more of them!

Gurbani's Core Message says:

Brilliant video – Shane makes it really easy to understand this stuff

IT Magic says:

Great job, Shane! Very helpful, and will be watching more! Thank you kindly!!!

Bodragon says:

Why have you mangled / edited the audio at 5:285:32?
There seems to be something weird going on here.
And when I think "weird", I think "dishonest"
Is it that you discovered, just like I did, the commands: "Start-Trace" and "Start-Transaction"?
Come on, mate.
Man up!

Nick Daniels says:

Very informative video, I plan to keep watching and learning. As a student in Information Technology, I can say you made much more sense in 27 minutes than a whole semester at school. Thank you!

Chucho726 says:

OMG Thank you! I’m in training for powershell this week for work and been lost the whole time. Thank you this helped a lot!

RD Wakefield says:

Thanks for the lesson. complete newbie here trying to learn PowerShell, was given a task to build a script to start and stop multiple services on remote machines, to pull from a list…hoping your lessons will give me a good place to learn as I'm about as green as a young shoot in grove amongst a aged forest. Thanks again!

Handy Handy says:

Thank you for these Videos! Now I finally understand the difference between "Methods and Properties". 🙂

Unnecessary Roughness says:

I really appreciate this intro to PowerShell. Good Job and Thanks!

Rudresh Patre says:

Great Video!!!

The Moves says:

Super lesson!

Mad Macronex says:

I've used PS in previous jobs, but wanted to learn a bit more and get in depth in preparation for a new IT support position – this is an AMAZING refresher and an excellent guide, even taught me a couple things – will definitely continue to learn from you and you earned yourself a subscriber! 😀 Cheers!

Haakon Dahl says:

On running with admin credentials: "You always want to turn PowerShell as an administrator, because it allows you to do… *everything*."
Gotta disagree with you there.  You should only run as admin when you absolutely must.  Even then, use – whatif wherever it is supported.  Test out the logic of scripts without admin credentials, even if the objects are only available to admins.  You will always have to take some risks — but minimize them.  Do not run as admin by default.  That's the Road to Hell.

Diet, Fitness & Weight Loss Tips says:

Hello Shane, you mentioned there were a series of videos, I think up to 6, I have gone through 1 & 2 but cannot find 3,4,5… do they exist? – Thanks in Advance

Viraj Nimmagadda says:

Great intro video! It would of been a bit more helpful if there was an overview of what powershell is exactly and what it is used for in the big picture. Very informational video though!

Ed Krisiak says:

Well done. Lots of
GREAT information.

Diet, Fitness & Weight Loss Tips says:

Great way of teaching a complex subject.

Derek Nugent says:

Many many thanks for this… I may have a new addiction… PowerShell! More…more more!

Nate Harris says:

Best PoSh video I've seen to date. Finally one that is succint and covers stuff that is *actually useful*!

amol dhaygude says:

Your videos are very nice, please make more on powershell video, I eagar to see more videos on powershell. I below requirement if possible please answer when you have time

1) I have 50 printers, login each ip and take tonner ink status, instead of manually can you give any powershell script or give me script which is take specific value from website that also fine.

My email address is and contact number is +918879206096.

cyb3rnetix bot says:

I notice VM? Does that stand for virtual machine ?

Felicia Owens says:

Didn't see examples

Robert B says:

Excellent intro! thanks!

Thibault Loison says:

I came from bash scripting and to me PS was a pretty shitty language but your presentation made me change my mind 🙂

libofsharaku says:

outstanding mate, excellent stuff, your way of explaining things draws you in, i normally pass out after 5 minutes of these but this is the way to do it, thank you for this.

Knightmare RIP says:

Well made! Simple and very clear!

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