Why I Do Not Donate – LIVE CHat

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martha king Stapler says:

How much do you make on yard sales

martha king Stapler says:

So you RE-sale it. What a co-op

regin hess says:

So many ways to donate other than just money or material things. I hear people say they don't have anything to give but for example… rich people that are suicidal doesn't need money…they need hope and someone to take time with them. We can give in so many ways. Helping an elderly person load groceries or volunteer time at local charity program. Even a kind word can raise someone's spirit! If we are wanting someone to join a cause we may mention donating but other times we keep it to ourself. As adults we know what our motives are. Comes down to a pure heart or not. I just do best I can. I can only speak of myself personally ..
.. I think let your consience be your guide. My opinion is don't worry so much…just stick to simple basic ways…try to do good and right in all things. You can be you without acting a certian way to prove you don't have to fall under anyone's rules or opinions. I remember when I first started watching you….I never really heard alot of curssing and I appreciated that….b cause I do have kids present most of the time. I like your knowledge and I think your a good person. It is your channel but just a thought …In everything try to do good, do your own ideas and don't worry or sweat small stuff…let your knowlege and your material you put out be validation enough that you are being your own person and not allowing anyone to push or bully you into acting a certian way. Thanks for all your help and time…I look forward to your videos and learning your thoughts on budgeting.

Tricia Faulkner says:

I made it that far LMAO!! Definitely would love to talk budget and food!! We are on a fixed income and we are in that gray area when it comes to state assistance.

Michael Schoen says:

I donate to the sperm bank.

BB Romero says:

I'd understand having used toys for shelters or children's home to have on hand but not for Christmas gifts, that sounds heartbreaking for a kid. I donate to families directly. My kids school is really good about letting me know if there's families that have illness, tragedy or need a little extra help and they're also really good about keeping everything anonymous, no questions, no requirements, no tax records. Anonymous is the best way to go for both sides.

Lady T aka GlobalChic says:

@Christacoupons Enjoy your videos you are very sweet but haters will be haters…I have a challenge for you I know they say that you can't digital and paper coupons with $5/$25…So I want you to test it out after applying all your FD digital then submit paper coupons maybe for same item with no FD digital left to get lower oop or see if not allowed. Thank you for your video always

sarah monsegur says:

I don’t donate to goodwill they sell there items and don’t give the needy for free

Mayra Laurian says:

Yes, please do research before donating. My family and I used to be in a homeless shelter a while back. And everything that got donated was being taken by the employees. They donated bike shoes etc for the children there and none of them saw any of it. It’s super sad.

khrisiekhrisie says:

In Ohio you qualify for toys for tots if you are Low income and if you are on foodstamps or Medicaid.That's very sad on your area they dont do that!

dudeitskory says:

Toys For Tots not eligible for children on food stamps? That makes no sense whatsoever.

Janice Vaughn says:

You talk so much like my daughter. I love it.

ElleB MoneySavingMom says:

On Facebook, I came across this forum called Buy Nothing *city you live in*. It is supposed to be all across the US. It is a forum for people to "gift" and "ask" for things they need for free. Might check that. I love this forum because sometimes IM like.. you know.. I have some of that and I dont really need it.. let me dig it out:)

Wild Spirits says:

When you donate you are to do it quietly, So it is between you and God. Yes you are right children should come first no matter what if there family get help.I am the same way , I will not donate to the united way . what they do with the money you give them well I don't believe in what they give the money to. So that is why I did not give to them.

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