Rob Kardashian Revealed His New Stripper Bae And Now Blac Chyna Wants Him Back

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Well how about that? You lose a little weight, you get a new girlfriend, you start living your life with a little glow, and all of a sudden, your ex wants you back.

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Mrs. Chang says:

His new girl is way hotter!

Mrs Kitten says:

Rob leave these HOES alone get you a REAL woman honey!!!

Patricia Eaddie says:

Go back to china.

goldjuice gang says:

Ist gang gang gang
It's sooo deep Chyna being Spiteful now that Rob moving on Like she just gonna be a baby mama You gotta chill Chyna
Love this Channel

April Maddox says:

why, she almost look like Blac Chyna that's crazy

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