Coach Reaction – Dimash – My Heart Will Go On – Hainan International Film Festival

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Jeanne Barzydlo says:

Hi, just had to come back and visit this one again. Still lovely.

MonkeyKong38 says:

That's Dimash dude, he can sing anything oh my godness… What a reaction video ! That's so hard to sing for a man…

moosesforgooses says:

Xie Xie. (shie Shie)…. means thank you….


Hello god Analysis and you are reasons then are F6

Emre Ertürk says:

You can see in the fancam it was a f#5 incredible..

Абдихайм Толтебаев says:

Керемет! Рахмет сізге.

Evan Agad says:

Hi,Rashid pls react new "Official MV " ETERNAL MEANING"thank you….

Baby Jane says:

He is my life

Дина Тур says:

замечательный человек.

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