The Earth is Not Alone – Space Documentary HD

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U.S. space agency NASA announced the discovery of more than 200 new planets on Monday, 10 of which are believed to be about the right size and temperature to support life.

Of the 219 new suspected planets to have been discovered by NASA’s Kepler telescope, 10 were found to exist in the so-called ‘Goldilocks zone’ of their solar system. This refers to the distance between the planet and their star, which is neither too hot nor too cold to support complex life.

The presence of liquid water on these “rocky” Earth-like planets is seen as a key ingredient required for the existence of life.

“Are we alone? Maybe Kepler today has told us indirectly, although we need confirmation, that we are probably not alone,” Mario Perez, Kepler program scientist, said at a news conference.

NASA launched the Kepler telescope in 2009 in a bid to discover whether other Earth-like planets are common or rare.

The latest identification of suspected exoplanets – planets outside our own solar system – brings the tally discovered by the Kepler telescope to 4,034. The number of worlds thought to be approximately the same size and temperature as Earth is around 50.



Watch Interstellar Transportation:

James H says:

No NASA ain't going to Mars they can't even get a satellite into orbit after being given a trillion dollars of tax payers money and having the most time to do it. Ill bet on space x therve done alot with way less time and payed there own way which gave rise to the reusable rocket since they don't just get given more cash every time they fuck up like some spoiled child.

WraithWard Gaming says:

4:35 There is another problem with the current way we are detecting planets. If a solar system's orbits are not in line with our telescopes we can't see or detect any planets. In other words, If you were looking at a solar system from the top or the bottom you could not see any fluctuations in the light from its native star. We can only see and detect planets from a very small amount of stars that have planets with orbits at a very specific very small angles that corespond with the ability of our instruments.

刘宇龙 says:


Technical Khan Jee says:

mars have not much water as they think its just a dream

Jack Parker says:

Good luck proving what we witness in our skies daily photographs Mexican military gun cameras Etc already disclosed. We can't see reality for our faces sometimes. We live in a world of myopic Madness

Moflyboy Blanquito says:

How do you prove that theory and about the earths magnetosphere and why it has one I don’t understand?

Moflyboy Blanquito says:

So basically what he is saying is it makes sounds of fire. God wahat a ID 10 T.

S010 x says:

I finished my juul pen watching this* worthit

Jóhanna Guðmundsdóttir says:

The first part was good.

Jason M says:

I still don't understand! Why do you even assume other life forms require water to survive and evolve? What if our biological understanding is not compatible with other biological entities? If I were searching for lives I wouldn't keep all my focus on finding water, which is the most selfish assumption.

GermanyObsessedSociopath says:

I highly doubt that we went from finding no life-supporting planets to finding 200.

Joe American says:

Thanks for sharing.

Skyler Jackson says:

It’s weird to think that one day we will find another civilization and to us there aliens but to them were also aliens and I believe that with so many plant out there in the universe it is a very small chance that we are the only ones

John Hoover says:

HEY IDEA,,,first i like to say i love the idea of this,its great to see people come together like this,,,,Well anyway why not go for broke and develop antigravity,its been done John Hutchinson floats all the time,and i have full confidence in everyone especially you two your very smart i think that you could achieve that well i believe in this whole thing

Ajitesh Das says:

okie but 1st prove me that you really crossed that Van Allen Belt:)

Mathew Goodwin says:

you know you can take about 20 asteroids and wrap them together and make a moon around mars and reheat the core to create magnetic field

Albert Einstein says:

Y'all crack me up there is no such thing as scientists in today's world we just have conformers that say what they are told to say lol I just watch this shit for amusement there's nothing true in what these jokers say

steve says:

If we find alien life in human form then out goes the, "we are made in God's image". You know, like a germanic Jesus.

John B says:

living on a super earth would be brutal to humans, maybe very small humans could survive but i am sure back issues would make life painful there. rockets would also have a hard time achieving escape velocity to gain a stable orbit. how would you like living on a planet where you weigh 3 times the weight you do now? car accidents would always be fatal. a fall would usually break bones. these planets would not be good for humans.

Peter Perez says:

It's highly unlikely we will ever find an ET colony from another world.  They may never be able to find us either.  Distances in space are so great we would need to propel ourselves or a probe at the speed of light some 186,300 miles per second to go where we would like and this simply will never happen.  Even if we were able to travel this fast, it is still a very slow velocity.  We as humans do not have the ability to realistically fathom these distances in space and even if we were able to build a machine to take us or just itself to these places, it would take a large amount of physical matter to convert  to energy that we presently are not be able to do.  Even the stars we see at night are so far away that what we are looking at what could have happened some several hundred if not thousands of years ago.

Deborah N says:

Bearing in mind the fact that Kepler only focussed on a very small area in space the chances are there could be hundreds or thousands of “goldilocks” planets out there.

sam phi says:

is this planet and star repo? Send danny and that other dude and hope Danny scares them with his tattoos and butt ugly face.

Manuel Layug says:

Are you guys Dreaming? you cant even go to mars! you cant even see any life. Fck

Monika Punciakova says:

This is so beautiful!

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