Math Antics – Multiplying Fractions

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cool video says:

In a couple of day it will be2019

Alexander Thomas says:

december boi

Kokkeragadda Yedukondalu says:


yanet rodriguez says:

Don't you need to simplify 12 over 2?

Chernor Jalloh says:

As soon as I am done with this I can play roblox finally

anyel z says:

thise is what my math camp teacher tught me

anyel z says:

you are super smart BOY

DizzyPink says:

2018 brother.

Cool Kitty says:

THANK YOU (*∩ω∩)

Gabe's Games says:

Who is watching this in 2018?

Natalie Bolmon says:

Thank u so much! U helped me so much with homework!!

Lol Mynameisjeff says:

me or teachers in school

Xl R8 says:

Do you play fortnite??!!

Avion Serrao says:

Sir it is really a great video. Thanks and love from India

Monster PE says:

2.5 million people forgot how to do math.

Euan Alive says:

This was so helpful on my homework

FanBase101 says:

Taking pre-cal forgot how this shot works lmao..sum formulas

Evangelist TheLordspreacher says:

Wow for 30years I thought this was hard. Thank God for YouTube am learning how to cook bake and learn math in order to help my son with his homework.

Earl Strachan says:

help us with multipltying mixed fraction

تكافل مصر says:

your the best

Margarita Rodriguez says:

December 2018

Klamen Perez says:

thanks you helped me with my homework

BoiPlayz says:

this is a joke and all but wow people hate others who say something from maths is even more fun than video games.

Tomasz Gozdzialski says:

thanks i have an exam this is help me alot

lucero García says:

Who here is in 8th grade and doesn't know how to multiply fractions??? XD

Gamer_Hayley POTAYTO says:

U have to divide it or else thers no next answer that what we do on school

Aaron Mesfin says:

for more mathantics #mathantics

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