Journey Through The Universe – HD Documentary

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Journey Through The Universe – HD Documentary
Advexon Documentary TV


Advexon Science Network says: watch this if you are bored

Ho Pe says:

Damn, Saturn sound scary af… felt like dead souls screaming

rob ribant says:

It’s strange hearin Alex Baldwin saying Uranus.

rob ribant says:

If titan has lakes or oceans of natural gas and lightening all around then why isn’t it a brown dwarf or something? I ask you? That’s right, you! Either way, I love Space Porn..

Bang Hadi says:

There are no Gods

Seeing this, I became aware that there could be no three Gods (Trinity), where two Gods (Jesus and the Holy Spirit) exist on earth were very small from this part of nature.
Now I believe in Islam concept that God (Allah) is greater than anything that exists.

If you trust insurance in your life, at least believe in Islam as insurance if life after death really exists.

Ay Caramba says:

(voice) Juan Caudillo=Alec Baldwin?

Jahidul Islam says:

এই ভিডিওটা কি বাংলায় পাওয়াজাবে…….??

Los Rasgos says:

It's not a question of what triggers me about you because I'm not the only one who gets triggered. I'm not and you know it. You are right to say there is an alternative version of this. There is. Our is a version at this time in this place and space. Is it the best version, the worst? I can't say. But it is a version. I would say a unsolved one…

i am dead inside says:

planets (earth and venus) : did u just assume my sexuality?

i am dead inside says:

4:404:43 is dis me? :>

Issa Hussein says:

O you who have believed in God. We all know that death is not a disaster.

Hedgewig says:

oh god it's kinda blurry

Michael says:

cant watch it…its to jumpy

Literatura BDSM says:

Boy, this was depressing. What a way to take something as fascinating as the study of the Universe and turn into an angsty antheme of apocalypse and horrors. It's space, assholes. Talk of the beauty of it, it's marvels. You spend a fucking hour saying its horrid, destructive, deadly, and saying how many different way it can kill us. WE KNOW. Don't have to be smart to fucking know that.

Aditya Khandwal says:

45:00 looks similar like earth !!! Is that known as kepler ?

Caleb Cortez says:

Very very good documentary; too bad the Designer, the Almighty God of Israel, the Owner of the universe is not mentioned at all.

Juliana Burton says:

Does the narrator even believe in God

Aditya Khandwal says:

30:00 Supernova attack of chicken invaders lol

Aditya Khandwal says:

I need that satellites over the roof of my house to watch TVwith no longer worried about weather problems lol

Alejandro Hermida says:

Yes… Your right…I put the bullshit on to sleep.

Alejandro Hermida says:

Stop fear mongering…stop the bullshit drama…there are no runaway planets colliding with anything.

I’llEatAllYourSoap ;-; says:

I think I’ve spent too much time in school, because I had the urge to take notes during this.

Cyntrix says:

Like if fortnite is better

eric madrid says:

Best to watch while high and to go to sleep lol.

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