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Caleb and Jordan prepare to adventure back to the Temple to find treasure!
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Thanks to YouTube comments, Caleb and Jordan realized they missed out on treasure in the Desert Temple they originally ran by. In this episode they work together to gather supplies to go digging in the Temple, just like Indiana Jones!

Brothers Caleb and Jordan, separated by 1,500 miles of land, use video games in order to stay close.

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Bennett speck says:

You are smart both of you

Kim Scott says:

love yore videos and Jordan is duny

Birds Nest Bacon says:

I have a cat named Grayfeild he's humongous

Gettin Dizzy says:

"Bats have leather"…. really… lol.. and this is why I love watching you guys…

Kristen Bender says:

Dont want to be rude just wondering, whens the next episode?

Josh Divis says:

Oh god, Jordan is bringing out his Inner Ryan when hes killing cows!

Joey Boivin says:

Trever dont tell celeb but jordan is my favorite brother

Sam Bennett says:

Finally a comment section where everyone is moaning about Caleb

Frank Hummel IV says:

I love the pictures that are added to the stories, makes it so funny to watch.

Nicole MacDowell says:

Caleb confirmed as coolest brother ever.

Hannah Schrenk says:

"I'm wearing your brother on my feet."
I think Jordan just channeled Ryan for a second… 

Buttsaggington55 says:

I friggin love this channel

miss Gee says:

OMG, Trevor, I can't with the editing.  You just made storytime with Caleb and Jordan like 1000x's better with the visual aids.

Bootstrap says:

My little nieces love this channel. God Bless America.

David Torres says:

Jordan is slightly more stupid than Caleb

AwaySagedrift says:

Dont pull a caleb

Lucas Story says:

When's the other Minecraft PC with Burnie etc going to come out?

emily C says:

I still can't believe my comments in the video! This is great and I can't wait for part 2! Good luck!

Jacob Turnbull says:

Yeah….. Jordan is a Haywood. He is the secret brother of Ryan. This video confirms it. Sorry Caleb.

Kamren *insert clan here* says:

"I am wearing your brother on my feet." Caleb you better be careful I think Jordan is Ryan in disguise. (;-;)/ hide all Cows named Edgar.

justagirldemi says:


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