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He’s been in Formula 1 for more than two decades, but you might not know him that well just yet… Tom Clarkson is joined by Racing Point Force India’s team principal, Otmar Szafnauer, in our official podcast presented by Bose.

2:20 The stress of Force India’s administration woes in 2018
7:42 The change in team ownership form Vijay Mallya to Lawrence Stroll
15:17 Potential name changes for the team in 2019
17:52 Family history, and growing up behind the Iron Curtain
22:33 Otmar’s racing career in US Formula Ford 2000
27:27 Time spent working with Ford Motor company, and how it got him into F1
32:20 Working for British American Racing F1 team
37:05 Signing for Jagaur Racing – and then getting rejected
43:49 Joining Force India in 2009
46:27 The best drivers he’s worked with in F1
50:36 Lamenting the loss of Esteban Ocon’s race seat

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Lucian Pavel says:

Hello, as a romanian and as a fan of this show, heard them all, what a huge surprise to hear romanian words on my headphones. I knew Mr. Szafnauer was romanian born, but still didn;t expect the gift you gaved us romanian speakers. Thank you.

anonymous18 says:

Anyone else wanna hear these guys too – Vettel, Raikkonen, Ricciardo, Hulkenberg, Alonso and more team personnels? or is it just me :/

The Alexis Sauvage says:

Terrible audio, as always. So much money but none invested in worthy recording improvements

Stevo Chang says:

This was amazing!!! Thank you for shedding light on Otmars wonderful life story!

Mauricio González says:

Very nice chat with Otmar, always listening to the podcast, greetings from Chile

RawLu says:

m/ Force Canada m/

Jason Gillard says:

Really enjoyed this interview. Not really heard of Otmar before Force India finance issues. What a grounded guy. 🙂

itz sascha says:

Kimi Raikkonen next

MajorKitten says:

The guy with Romanian descendeds

Natanael Aitonean says:

Romanian here, he has a good accent.

Marius Ardelean says:

Fascinating to hear about Otmar's Romanian background. A lot of the romanian-german minority had to leave the country during those dark times in our history. 'Sarbatori Fericite' to everybody listening to these podcasts. TC, keep them coming.

Patryk Kot says:

Great episode, as always realy. After listening I just have to play F1 game or something like this. Please, invite Flavio Briatore to one of the next episodes, it's a lot of things to talk about with him: Benetton days, 1994 season, Fernando tittles and relationship with him and of course Crash Gate from 2008. It could be a great podcast to listen.

SVL F1Freak says:

Do a podcast with Vettel please! 😀

Jeffrey Ruiz says:

Thank you so much for all this stories, I have listened all the Beyond the Grid and I love it. I heard you from San Jose Costa Rica. I am a big fan of Formula 1 and your podcast

Roble urni says:

Beyond the grid: RON DENNIS

GullmanRollger666 says:

Thumbnail looks like old Kmag!

dutchpy dutchpy says:

This Szafnauer has a strange way of showing his commitments to MERCEDES. Sportsmanship isn't a big word in his vocabulary.

Cip from the Digital Grandstand says:

Sarbatori fericite to you too, Otmar!
Genuinely chuffed to hear my native language in an official F1 podcast 🙂 Have a great holiday season everyone!

AnonymousRealist says:

Get Vettel!!!!

Pedro Amaral says:

Please do the next one with Mattia Binotto

Andre Fernandes says:

Quem é esse tio aew?

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