Girl Rescue the Dog stuck in mud give Food and Treatment

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Girl Rescue the Dog stuck in mud give Food and Treatment.
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Nadia Cray says:

Omg so cute

manu brau says:

Quienes aqui él mexicaniosl

Tara McIntosh says:

Good girl that puppy is so cute poor dog

JayBlvrd says:

Aww I was cry because you help the dog it so cute I will cry omg I love dogs they are cute

scrap Loli XD Luna Rmz says:

Por queeeeeeeeeee

Jason Boyles says:


Silvina Rosas says:


Itzel Guizarnotegui says:

Aww so cute good job

Christy Harding says:

I am crying

Martha Molina says:

que dios te siga bendiciendo a ti niño mucho

Luisa Ruiz says:

me dio trizteza pero lo baño

Axel Morales says:

Puto el que aya abandonado a este angel

Eirk Ortiz says:

Less looking more saving! Sorry it's just they triggered me when the dog was suffering they could have saved him faster

Zac Wipf says:

And it's really sweet

kburke says:

Makes me shake

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