Talking To The Moon Bruno Mars Lyrics

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ZOTYiAC says:

turtle tales </3


Love this song best song ever

expensive girl says:

2018? Nobody?? Okey…

SUMERA AHMAD PCS173013 says:

My sweetheart sent me this song,i really miss him veeeeeery much,feeling so sad.

KatanaRikku says:

A girl sang this to me through email and I never really understood how much she liked me and I really hurt her. I'm so sorry

님이 머리가 좋다는건알겠는데 says:

한국인을 찾습니다ㅏㅏ

zirk lancaon says:

If you like this comment i will sing it to my crush

Ashley González says:

Dedicate this song to my fav Artist Xxxtentacion

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