Trump thinks another North Korean summit would be productive: John Bolton

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National security adviser John Bolton discusses the relationship between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.


Go ast says:


illiam Christian says:

North Korea and China and Russia and Mexico and Canada and Israel and Saudi Arabia and Iran and Turkey and the EU know how to play the great and powerful Trump. They all know the words and perform the request at every opportunity.

Edward Gross says:

Trump got conned….. and allowed the US flag to be used in NK propaganda. It was a sad day.

Ric Sta says:

Perhaps Sabrina (the witch?) Meng Wanzhou, can break this spell?

Richard Goode says:

Summit as America and China with South Korea and North Korea.

peter collins says:

So now, after the first summmit, the North Koreans, according to the Trump administration, are expanding their manufacturing facilities, expanding their launch facilities, and getting ready to test new, more powerful payload lifters. So, what do they expect to happen after the next summit? The first North Korean space station?
First rule of holes — when you realize you're in one, stop digging. Nuf said?

reinfree says:

Smh..not even worth the listen.

Will says:

The first summit was a bust, so a second one will do the trick??? Lol

American guy says:

This is all that stupid Korean wars fault!

Pat Hacker says:

Of course it's one of the positives Trump has under his belt. Bolton would love another war.

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