UFO CORKI BABY! HE’S NOT BAD IN MID! | League of Legends

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GT Content: https://youtu.be/ZrIs5vzXWW0
Today we’re beginning the rare skin marathon by playing UFO Corki, a Skin you got if you played in 2009. Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Corki Mid Gameplay Vs Zed!
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Wishmaster145 says:

I still remember my first game ever, a custom game ,where my friend who got me into league (season 3)told me to pick corki , and he was having a laugh bc he made me pick a thing that wasnt even that simple to use for a first time player and not even that good of a champ either!

Frost Weasel says:

That intro…Huzzy's kinda hot…

Zachary Cutchall says:

As much as it is "you start in iron", I think it would be more interesting/what people want to see if you got placed in Iron/Bronze. Your MMR / Elo gains are tripled during first 10, so if you go 10-0 lime you did last season, you could be s2 or above after first 10.

Maybe just play things like Nami, Janna, and other champions who have a really hard time stomping and getting a snowball started? Support first 10 games and then play normally?

Jzwiz says:

i always say this but for a while it seemed like everyone had ufo corki, like every corki in my game would have it. it almost felt like they gave it out again, not sure if they did but he was just in every game, also id still duo because if you win every promo next thing you know you do end up in silver/gold and its like.. oh

Indrashish Chattopadhyay says:

Hmm your voice seems off

modi OX says:

Any unranked to diamond this season Huzzy?

JA'mhar Comena says:

Huzzy humming play list: Smooth Criminal and Space Oddity

~xra~ says:

i woiuld be against an bronze/ iron to diamond only because it sort of ruining games for those guys who arn't at you skill level. Kind of like the OW pros who disd the bronze to diamonds comp games

The Worldly Penguin says:

Huzzy when are you doing another eye tracking video?

Trevor Huisman says:

Akali needs other changes too but I think the biggest one needs to be that turrets should reveal her in shroud. The most frustrating part of the kit is that when she gets ahead the turret is actually an enemy because you can’t go near it for fear of dying and it takes the CS from you.

OMGitsnightmare Gaming says:

Love the energy lul

Advay Basavaraju says:

26:45 LOL extraqt, love that comment! 😀

Lance Clemings says:

On Akali, why not both? Just revert the true problem, the stealth bubble. Make it to where it won't hide you from towers and kind of show where you are if you use red scanner trinket.

Squiggly Wiggly says:

lol 8:42, hes not going to come for me. I don't have his doubles anymore. (Lee sin quietly walks in). THINK AGAIN!!!

Richard Cox says:

Riot wrote there own Terms and Conditions for giveaways. They can do whatever they want with them.

Thunder Muffin77 says:

Love u huzzy

LegendofLoki665i says:

I don't think Riot will ever revert a full VGU. All reverts that we ever got were of pure gameplay. And I don't think they should either. Akali is a prime example of this. Apart from her W, which I am hoping gets reworked, the rest of the champion is leaps and bounds ahead of the old version in every conceivable way. Same goes for all full VGU champs we got so far.

Luminos Fire says:

i would love to see you play nasus on this account. doesnt he have a rare skin too? i think there was a gamescom one

Alex Hill says:

Play buffed galio maybe huzzy?

Kirk Hagerman says:

Can you still do at least some support games on the new account during your climb?

Axsen _ says:

Hey Huzzy, thinking about doing a one shot or series on Super smash for switch? I dunno how much of a fan you are but I know you like Nintendo a fair bit lol. Good video man

Miguel F.L. says:


Emil Settervik says:

You said the MMR will always start in iron, but will the actual rank start in something else?

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