Coding vs Programming – is there a difference?

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I started this video off wanting to talk about why relying on too many tutorials may be a bad thing, but then decided I would talk about the difference between coding and programming.

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Quentin Watt Tutorials says:

Wow.. Looking back at these I just think I look so bad. haha

Chaz Singleton says:

can u code a game

A O K says:

"You should figure out things on your own instead of looking at a tutuorial". You sound like some idiots at work who don't have the patience to instruct THUS, folks are here looking at tuts….smdh AND moving from this video @1:10

Triveni Mayara says:

what is coding and programming
is there any coding languages
i dont know much more english
only i can read then only understand not by listening please explain me in english

A2Z says:

I have many ideas but not now the proper way.
Your video help a lot

Trinitrophenylnitramine says:

Only 2nd grade math is used. There is no multivariable analysis in this.

Rithea Kh says:

Thank you so much for importance sharing

me and me says:

is there a tutorial to learn the first two-stage?;)

Legendary Computer Programmer says:

so cool, great video!

Parody Sauce Official YTP’s says:

You didnt talk about what coding is?

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