Rob Kardashian’s New Rumored Girlfriend 2018 [ Star Divine – West Coast Barbie ]

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Rob Kardashian’s New Rumored Girlfriend 2018 [ Star Divine – West Coast Barbie ]

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Harmeet Powar says:

She seems to be a gold-digger

PencyLola Dembow says:

ugly ass trannie

JerZgirl says:

No No No No No No No NO!!!

Evelyn Carrillo says:

Build yourself esteem first then date. You keep attracting hood rats.

Hangai Sondor says:

Omg his choice so dumb.he likes whores a smart rob.u have to choose cutest nicest american girl

Joss G says:

Blac chyna has an ugly ass face

Sexysweet1 says:

he didn’t learn the FIRST TIME

Lawn Harris says:

Oh boy she looks hungry. Becareful Rob. I hope ot works out. I wonder what mom and sisters have to say about this one

Artina Sinclair says:

she was best friends with Blac Chyna just some type of way she found out Safari which is her ex-boyfriend had slept with Blac Chyna so is this a Revenge fake relationship and she jumped on Safari and beat them in the head what you found out he was cheating on me and put them in the hospital

Rene Keys says:

I don't think she is the lad for you

Blu Skyler says:

Rob only found another Black Chyna lol… He has trashy sisters and a money-grubbing mom, so of course he's attracted to trashy women, who only care about money…DUH….Plus, he has NO CONFIDENCE.
It has nothing to do with RACE, to all the lowlife people who ASSume that's the case.
This "new girl" won't stay.
Rob should be single for a while, focus on losing weight, getting healthy, and get some serious counseling, to become emotionally stronger to handle his life.
It seems like he finds relationships with the WRONG WOMEN, they've only put dirty bandages on his wounds…ugh.

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