Minecraft HermitCraft S6 | Ep 47: Mini-Golf Plot & Interior Design

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The Hermitcraft server is a Vanilla SMP Server and is a private (whitelisted) server.

In this episode, I show a new design for the Riptide flying idea I had in the last episode and then finish the interior of the Patron Monument and pick a plot for Xisuma’s mini-golf course.

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Wortigon2000 says:

according to how much I saw of how you powered those redstone lamps, it shouldn't be hard. A sticky piston pulling the redstone block away should do the trick.

SupremeKing Gaming says:

Make the top row fall from the ceiling

50sRockChick says:

Love the video Impulse. I did send my IGN when you emailed, but maybe you did this vid before you got it. Anyway from a distance the patreon monument looked like a Japanese building. I think it's the redstone that made me think that. Love the idea of the mini golf. I look forward to seeing what you come up with <3

Duke00x says:

I think you should link the second floor to the first. As the first lights up the second one does also. And it would not be hard to do just steal the signal from the one below it and continue it up.

Cillian Murphy says:

"Needed the texture so I used dropper's instead of furnaces, less lag"

"Now I gotta build a whole structure to surround to reduce lighting updates"

This is what a good server mate looks like, this is why you're awesome

RandomUser311 says:

You could make a grand entry hall, put the portal inside and avoid building the outside of the monument.

Michiel Wils says:

Fill your chest just with shulker box of goods. Write a note: don't take the shulker box only the goods.

So you don't need to stock so often

let ́s practice says:

Do a glass dome over the patrions

Phillip Gonzales says:

The Patreons building having exposed redstone looks amazingly awesome, im not sure you need a 'shell' but I trust no matter what you do it'll be cool. Glad your feeling better, thanks for the video!

IncredibleFlyinSquid says:

I cringe when people do stuff in 3rd person that would be 1000x easier to do it 1st person. Flying in 3rd with the 3x3x3 stair water section made it harder for you to navigate using the trident, whereas the first time you tried it in 1st you were successful.

themegadeth116 says:

what do you thing about making Hermitcraft Trident Highway? It would connect most of the important places via waterlogged stairs chambers. It would be just like the Hermitcraft railway station. But actually useful (I mean railways have their use, but it's not fastest way to go around, and why not make something that everybody have access to and save their rockets?)

O Lab Gaming says:

I believe you gain an extra 10 blocks of height if you are swimming up when you release the riptide, similar to the momentum transfer of riptide to ender pearls on the golf course.

Jack Daniels says:

Hey impulse can you charge the trident before entering the water? It looks like you try to charge and release while in the water. Try charging before entering the water and releasing while in the water.

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