Don’t Judge Too Quickly Funny Ads Compilation 2

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Lil scoutz says:

0:31 well this woman just cockblocked this dude when i just adblocked this video.

Melanie Recalde says:

Lol the ball one

Ao Wen Tan says:

But the thing is it somewhat represents “don’t judge a book by its cover”

fabien delavie says:

2'30 : "Mr Weinstein will be with you in a moment Miss Aguilera", this didn' t age well, moreover with the whole scene

Jo boss says:

But axe is used for actual balls….

Aryan Saldanha says:

The Aguilera Weinstein one is a little too on the note…

Purple nurple Vlogs&games says:

Sophie monk why talk about those balls

arlan adorada says:

This is not funny

rohit surve says:

i found some sexy

SALAD ass says:

Dont forget to clean ur balls everyday

Faded Soul says:

clean my ball clean my ball

Abhishek Kumar says:

Someone clean my dirty mind..

theseekerndestroyer says:

Hahaha got to love the balls

Crumpet Snail says:

Lol the burger one

TjSpidey says:

Even if he was scrubbing shoes, he shouldnt have looked so excited XD

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