GIANT backwards pellet shows mind-twisting physics

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I’ve lost count how many people have lectured us about how projectiles must be forward-heavy in order to have stable flight. That is just common-sense, after all. It is how a shuttlecock function. The diabolo shape (not diablo) is almost magical and might be the perfect aerodynamic shape. Not only does it fly well forward, it flies well backwards!

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JesseAndMike says:

Always enjoy these videos! 😀 Liked!

Ryan Henderson says:

Physics still rules the day, the center of pressure is still behind the center of mass. The cross sectional area facing the fluid (air) hasn’t changed, so the drag hasn’t changed. Due to the awesome diablo shape, the skirt is still present (albeit smaller) to provide pressure at the back when the slug is shot backwards. The center of mass is near the small diameter of the slug and the center of pressure is still behind that point….it should be less stable at slower speeds due to less pressure on the back….. great video!

Joseph White says:

I believe this design was on purpose. Best shape ever.

Brad Yelich says:

I never hear Danny complain about Little Tony… "Me and Little Tony get along pretty well".

Kenny Hoang says:

What if a rocket can shape its nose into a backwards shape diablo round upon entering the atmosphere? Would the drag be stable enough without catastrophic damage of the nose umbrella'ing, like on a windy day?

Russianserpent says:

Where did officer greag get that shirt?

Leman Sawi says:

U guy are so nice.

B C says:

I like the part where the shaft of the propeller emitted a high pressure burst of air thus propelling the object of interest down range smacking the target right in the face.

Jak says:

2:00 chiselled roman abs in the background. Sent by god, apparently.

Taluvian says:

Hourglass shape is what is doing it. The slope to the front of the slug when backwards will drag push the slug if off balance. This shows a long skirt is not needed.

eliack95 says:

1.1 millions subscribers, you guys are definitely not slumming it out here.

Venus Ursa says:

Halfcocked 45… Greg is hilarious>

Mutantsniper 203 says:

The bee wings are the same bpm as the background music in the beginning

eliack95 says:

I can't be the only one who expects a projectile to hit that slow-motion bee in the beginning.

Ed Cisneros says:

The perfect bullet dosn't exi-

Tiago SC says:

That intro was sweeeet

Mr T says:

Looking at some of the Russian military stuff and they way some of them think I think it is a good idea to be friends with them.

Sky Pix says:

May have something to do with the golf ball air cushion principle. Dimples create air cushion that is very aerodynamic.

James Robert says:

6:15 A rocket or jet fighter flying backwards!?!? What? Also, it looks like he's having a hard time opening that "little tony", whats up with that?

CplSki USMC says:

My 1st born son came shooting out of the hole ass first (breach delivery) and he's lived his whole life that way too. It's never hurt him any… as far as HE knows.

sparky Mccormick says:

Were in the heck did bnb u get that R.C cola can.. flashbacks !

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