Citizentube Interview: Roy Sekoff of The Huffington Post

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Roy Sekoff, founding editor of, discusses the site’s beginnings, its relationship with mainstream media, HuffPo’s citizen journalism project “Off the Bus,” the ethics of citizen journalism, and the influence of online video on the political process.


Quentin Storey says:

Here’s a real time opinion: cut your dick off and shoot yourself in the head. You don’t deserve male genitalia- propagandist shit head.

James Davis says:

OMG, talking about how to start a communist blog.

fattydomels says:

The huffington post sucks. the liberal garbage is piled high at the huffingshit post

wickedassassin says:

You are the man on MSNBC's Verdict. Keep up the good work exposing the Republican propaganda machine and their lies.

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