How to Use Acupuncture to Quit Smoking

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How to Use Acupuncture to Quit Smoking. Part of the series: Acupuncture Treatments. Quitting smoking with acupuncture requires the use of ear needles, acupuncture body needles, ear seeds, an alcohol swab and an ear probe. Discover the five points used in order to help people quit smoking with help from a licensed acupuncturist in this free video on acupuncture and smoking. Read more:


Hilario N. Stanley says:

32 years of addiction overcome in less than a couple of weeks, This is really great! [Details Post Here== ]. I highly recommend this.

2301303189 views says:

here's several suggestions for stopping cigarettes worth trying
Get motivation and help from friends.
Challenge youself – you will feel better by taking action – especially by doing activities which stretch your boundaries and this will keep your mind off smoking
(I read these and more ideas from Avyan Smoke Tactics site )

Adam Perks says:

My recommendation for Renkarter smoke quiter report.Just google it and you will get best methods about how to quit smoking.

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