Why and how I studied Graphic Design in NYC

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Last year I moved to New York City and studied Graphic Design at a school called Shillington.
The cool people at Shillington asked me to make some videos about my experience and this is the first of four!

#Shillington #GraphicDesign #NewYorkCity

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Some Shillington Links!
Insta: @shillington_
Twitter: @shillington_
Facebook: Shillington


Memoir of Elvis says:

Well I'm glad the shit show called the HSC finished last year. SMH I hated it. But now I'm studying the best degree ever!

Karl Svikis says:

this is so cute

Georgia Halias says:

Amazing yes

Bri Bunny says:

This is such high quality well done!!

Mariah Stavrou says:

can you make a full draw my life pls

Nicholas Franz says:


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