A Brief History of Our Robotic Future | Robots & Us | WIRED

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Artificial intelligence and automation stand to upend nearly every aspect of modern life, from transportation to health care and even work. So how did we get here and where are we going?

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A Brief History of Our Robotic Future | Robots & Us | WIRED


dogmanfree 15 says:

this is for exhibition :p

James Burke says:

As someone put it once, robots will eventually take over all jobs, bus it that a bad thing? If there are robots to do everything, humans can do whatever they want whenever they want without a fear of bills or having to wash clothes or take out the rubbish.

cT Szar says:

how is robotic HISTORY of our FUTURE if it hasn't happened yet

Imad Mahdi says:

I am a simple robot lover, I see robot I press the like button.

Militant Pacifist says:

I saw this robot in one of DACHIE's videos.

Robots must take jobs Immediately says:

We need robots to free us from jobs

Sam. X. says:

COMING OUT OF THEIR CAGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. TAMW says:

There are big ass robots at my job I love when they break down because we get paid to sit around

I Bleed Mercury says:

You fucking jellyfish worried about "muh jobs!".. I hope the coming evolution leaves you frightened luddites in the forgotten depths of obsolescence.

Audrey H says:

Do robotics engineers ever read or watch speculative science fiction? I'm always amazed and disturbed by their unending positive spin on utopian robotic visions. Comparing a kitchen knife to AI is completely idiotic. A knife can't learn how to cut on its own. It performs one basic function that relies on human will and force. Comparing these two things is a completely crass approximation.

Surely they people can see that their positivity about robotics has at least something to do with the tech industry being driven mostly by hyper-economically privileged, caucasian men with US-centric views? Of course you're not worrying about when robots will be making you obsolete! You largely have absolutely no idea what it feels like to be under daily threat of obsolescence.

You all ignore why people are flipping out and voting Conservative, saying its because they're just dumb, failing to see its mostly because its fucking terrifying to be in poverty and have no hope of escaping it. Universal income is a lovely idea, but how do any of you believe it will actually be instated when the government in so many countries baulks even at the suggestion of giving people a welfare payment that would put them above the poverty line?

Once again, its the privileged who will be leading us into full blown disaster – as they have done countless times throughout history due to their own greed and short sightedness – but I'm betting they'll just blame the 'ignorant' proletariat as usual for not 'stopping' them.

Vale Asimov…

Rushad Khan says:

I am your 1 Millionth subscriber

Syed Abdul Wasay says:

Can AI run for elections , coz I'll vote for them

M4M R says:

what if i told you Donald Trump is Is a ROBOT

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