KUWTK | Rob Kardashian Talks Weight Gain | E!

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Rob opens up to Lamar about his insecurities in “Keeping Up with The Kardashians.” See their heart to heart. For the hottest E! videos, subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/user/EEntertainment

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KUWTK | Rob Kardashian Talks Weight Gain | E!


Nadia Zhu says:

He's making a big deal about this people still love him anyway…

Cora Beaumont says:

Rob sweetie. Y are u filming the show i can c your insecure babe what u need to do is leave the show an focus on you an losing the weight and living a more positive spiritual lifestyle stand on your ground an dont let producers or your family govern your life

Nadia John says:

everyone deals with things differently and has a different set of needs and life experiences…. that's human, rob won't deal with things the same as lamar did but that doesnt make it wrong

Risa Laughter says:

I think Rob Kardashian is very handsome and talented guy……….I pray he starts to believe in himself because he can do it……I gained weight from self esteem issues but overcame them and lost weight in the process. He can do the same……I have to say ….when he was in shape…….he is very hot!

Florida Girl says:

Aw at Lamar’s words

Sam L says:

Dang, Lamar knows what he is talking about. He's very inspiring, sometimes. Too bad he and Khloe didn't work out

Black Dahlia says:

rob is still the cutest no crush just say he is

coffeewaldo says:

What happened to THIS dog? Another one disappears.

mzunique22 says:

Robs sexy still

Haider Rizvi says:

kardashians ruined both of these guys lives

Westside of Corpus Christi says:


akilah allen says:

Bro when i first started watchin keeping up with the kardashians one episode Rob was skinny and muscular and then the next he was huge

Calvin25X says:

He's probably on some type of psychotropic drug.

music forever says:

Can I just marry Rob? He's so sweet and so down to earth, I wanna cuddle him if that helps him feel better

XExileDx ECHOSZ says:

Rob ❤️❤️❤️

TheMicIsMyLover says:

I feel so bad for Robert. He really suffers with his own mental and physical demons and insecurities. I can only imagine how low he has been feeling lately. I'm glad he has Khloe, she's the only one who seems to get him…

kevan garner says:

rob   in-N-out   on me    lets put the pounds on

its gabi says:

He would be soo hot if he lost weight

Sophie K says:

The pain of admitting that you are actually seriously depressed is intense. There's such a negative connotation attached to depression and to admit that you're suffering from it is the first step in getting help.

miranda whitehead says:

HE should go to the gym and lose weight

MaryMartzL0ve90 says:

I think heS still cute like that

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