Bad TikTok Ads

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With gone and done with, you would think the world cringe levels would go down by at least 30%… I think they went up in hindsight. Also plenty of random ads I’ve found over the past month. Bit of a crossover episode.


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CirrusTheWolf :3 says:

It gets funny when there is meme content.

Mourf .M says:

*triggered with tik tok ads* HELP

ironsplatter 100 says:


EmmyDaWereWolf MemeGatoradeCherryFukane says:

Lmaooo there was a bad tiktok add on this video xD


I wish there was a school full of cringy tiktok users and the school shooter came in and became thanos by killing all of em

The Cynamaticals says:

Bitch I got a tik tok ad when you said tik tok

Brett Brown-Nelson says:

I got two two tik tok adds. Mr Beast was in the ad promoting tik tok. He is the only YouTuber to not care about the cringe I guess lol

B&E Dendy says:

what did I just see (add tictok)

B&E Dendy says:

an add come up for tictok it was ……….baaaaad

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