Summary – Stage 11 – Tour de France 2018

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From Saturday 7th of July to Sunday 29th of July 2018, the 105th Tour de France includes 21 stages for a total length of 3 351 kilometers.

THOMAS Geraint won the stage in La Rosière Espace San Bernardo before DUMOULIN Tom and FROOME Chris.
THOMAS Geraint is the Yellow Jersey.

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Masto Babe says:

che merda il ciclismo dio porco

Juri Juri says:

vive French Caliphat!

Jayden Li says:

what is that intro music called?

TechnoZRock says:

Sky is 100% doped noway they are that much better…Armstrong all over again

NwXiik Deinn says:

Anybody, who knows the intro song? Shazam finds different song each time.

Yoda Dunbar says:

Looks like the other teams need to work together to out do Sky, it's like they are giving in and not attacking, SKY is well funded, got the best of the best, not it is time for the other teams to come up with a new strategy, like when they block the road with Sky riders sometimes, why doesn't the rest get ahead in some mountain stages and slow down blocking the way of SKY to allow the breakaways have a chance at winning, am a MTS supporter and like many others was disappointed to see Nieve lose the other day, but that is the sport, we see it all the time someone that looks sure to win and gets pipped at the post by a better rider or team. It is getting to the point of not worth watching as we know SKY will win, and as they pay the big bucks not only for riders but training etc, they deserve to win. Would be nice to see other teams working together to overcome this rather large hurdle to keep the sport interesting and nail biting at times
Love all the tours, congrats go out to anyone who even completes the tour, if it was me I would still be half way back somewhere in the team time trial huffing and puffing to see the finish line
Go team MTS and all others hats off to you all

Rob Velzen says:

A peloton full of heros and warriors!!!

Tobin Nageotte says:

That was some shit editing at the end… WTF????

Josh Lampert says:

So now Thomas has nearly lost every classic the tour de France and who knows what else, superhero or superhuman?

Emilio Iglesias says:

For those who attacks Froome, where are the evidence, facts? Please dont display fallacies.

JUNIOR C. SF says:

Marco pantani récord 1997

Edo says:

tour organisation sucks! Also Bardet sucks, instead Froome is a real athlete, unlike the French public .. that sucks

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