Signs of a slowing economy?

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Fox News contributor Gary B. Smith on the market and economic impact from Federal Reserve policy and trade tensions.


dm 34280 says:

48% of U.S. workers earn $31,000.00 or less.

kerry the truth says:

End the fed..

NPC #775968657554 says:

Wait until next year. A recession is getting kicked in now.

Jan Bonet says:

If you still have money in the stock market right now, you crazy. You sell high, and you buy low

teebone 21 says:

Even Lowes is closing stores because home builders aren't buying enough product. There's large inventories of available homes all over the country but people can't afford them. That tax cut was only 2% as well as a doubling of the standard deduction. Also it still ends in 4 years. Even the Dollar Tree is closing stores as well as other smaller corporations yet for some reason none of the new stations are reporting this. Those 14,000 workers from General Motors will have a hard time finding jobs and their communities are going to fall apart just like those in Detroit. I wish people would understand you can't depend on the government or a corporation to care for yourself. There is a system to making money in this world you just have to learn it instead of following the hamster wheel until retirement hoping security is still there

teebone 21 says:

Unaffordable housing and medical care, record levels of corporate debt, record federal deficient and goverment cut its own revenue by 32% while looking to take away paid-in benefits from US workers. What could go wrong ????

Rod Martin, Jr. says:

The Fed is a private bank pretending to be part of the government. Time to end their reign of terror. They botched everything in the 20s, they deepened the Great Depression with their backwards handling, and they've monkeyed with the economy ever since, deepening our indebtedness with their debt-based currency Ponzi scheme. Sorry, but I'm fed up with the Rockefellers and their ilk making off like bandits when the US government could be printing the money without debt!!!

End the Fed. They are manipulating the economy to destroy the forward momentum established by Trump.

Bullion Forever says:

They have continue to raise rates, because when the market does crash soon, they have a buffer

ponca ok says:


crashweaverda says:

There just never happy. Welcome to life feast or famine don't ever expect anything in between.

Anfooey Fooey says:

Nope. My industry is SO busy we have more than doubled in size employee-wise since Trump got in.. and our manuf contracts extend thru 2024. I can't believe the work coming in.. and our material suppliers are swamped, our outside processing is swamped….

Slowing… phfft.


Trump has to bow to China.

dirty roofer says:

End the fed , let the market determine interest rates

Allielump says:

the fed had to raise rates so they can lower them after trump crashes the economy …fox is a liar,,,watch other people this crash has been predicted since trump and the Carrier lie

RightWingKing says:

It would help if Trump dropped those stupid tariffs

The Kingdom of Kush vs The Roman Empire says:

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