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Jose Garcia says:

I'm blown away……..

Cam MacFarlane says:

If you can make significant amounts of money on a whim, why are you charging people relatively insignificant amounts of money to learn these skills? Seems scammy.

Dragon Ghost says:

are you day trading options?

Ice Maker says:

Wait… How are you able to get those puts at such lower prices than the ask??
Can you please explain the reason behind this?

Dirk Brock says:

…you make this look easy — I have been trying to replicate for weeks now — all I have done is lost and become frustrated. Crazy markets here in November 2018.

Party Favors says:

You can make money with less than that and I’ve seen and know someone who did that in the stock market.

AscendPayday says:

I don't understand how you ended yesterday with .18c and opened the next day with .17c. Does TD take .01c everyday and I've never noticed? Incredible trades btw! Always love closing contracts over 1,000%

369 says:

What calculation you doing? And how long did you track pre market and research

James Taylor says:

Great video. Quick question: How are you trading options with less than $2k in your account? I thought that was the minimum balance required for options.

Daniel Martinez says:

your web site does not work, why is that ?

seven day options says:

Finally a real trader. Not some low float penny stock crap, forex, or crypto junk.

Frostlink45 says:

Amazing video and trades. The VIP service looks very interesting but I can't afford the monthly fee. I know that patience and a few contracts will pay for the service but…….

jared says:

Do you have a chat room or alert service?

Zoran Bebic says:

I entered TSLA on Thursday predicting a drop to $300 by Aug 24th at the high of the day (about $41.50) @1.75 and exited on Friday (having only one contract I needed to secure profits otherwise I'd sell half and let the half run forward) @6.80. I didn't see it coming so fast I guess that interview Musk gave for NYT gave fuel for the short-sellers.

andres antunez says:

Hey, what do you think about fb ?

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