ASMR – Accupuncture Role Play – to relax and heal you – personal attention

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Hey.. so welcome to my Accupuncture Clinic .. needles will heal you .. and let that good energy flow though your body.. personal attention asmr role play. Enjoy!
mix of London / northern accents in this !
Tingles Tingles Tingles ! 🙂
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Matthew Longo says:

Wonderful accent, wonderful tingles. Thank you!

James Gee says:

omg I love your accents, I do them too lol but brilliant video hon.

SleepyNougat says:

Your personal attention and visual triggers are AMAZING. 

Gracie White says:

lovin the different accents go you!

mave1985 says:

Your videos give me more tingles than anyone else. Great video. Thank You. 

Diane Diamond says:

I'm having some bad nites with back pain:( it's triggering my anxiety during day .. I thought I would try relaxing watching this this morning and the grass cutters start up outside lol xx

Diane Diamond says:

Always loved the scribbling sound !! You are a Gem Laura xxx

KnightInShiningASMR says:

Lady Laura,i really like the way you filmed this,like it's being played through a film projector!! It brings back good memories of going to the movies as a kid.

Gina Cesati says:

Just spent four hours writing a difficult paper for class… Thank you for giving me some relaxation and some time to wind down after that. You're a natural ASMR Artist. Keep on keeping on!

Satan Jewish says:

wow. what does Nathan have for breakfast?

Polly Way says:

You're the best hun!!! Keep it up

MarleneSB says:

Another great video Laura.  You got the Northern accent just right as well, my husband was from up north so I am used to hearing it spoken with a bit of a southern sound as well.

Lucy Ware says:

Loved your accent. Your just too amazing! X

Rae Lou B says:

Yay. Fab! Like the fact Dr Laura has a different accent..Yorkshire?

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