5 Option Strategies that Every Option Trader Should Know!

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5 Option Strategies that Every Option Trader Should Know!

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Mahesh Hosmani says:

1:29 covered calls
2:40 vertical spread
4:02 butterfly spread
5:13 calendar spread
6:54 iron condor

K L says:

Options, if done right, provide a ton of protection against hefty losses. I find buying the PUT or CALL is the riskiest versus selling covered Calls or cash secured Puts.

TheiMpActX says:

Video doesn’t start until 1:30

Farooq Shaikh says:

great video

D K says:

I have a question.  I have some years behind me in trading stocks and have narrowed down to my own system.  I have about a 75% win ratio with trades that are usually bought and sold (not options) within a few days or a week or two at most.  In those trades I am seeing about a 10 -20% gain.  Options are opening my eyes to much bigger gains.  What option strategy would you think would be the most profitable for me?  Sometimes I see the stock drop 10% before it returns and gains 20-30%.  Very volatile.

azar SAYYAD says:

thank u sir

Youtube Commenter says:

visuals would certainly help a bunch of people in understanding vs. just speaking

Regi Aranez says:

great video sound like . bu i need more about vega . i wish to succesful business online and i want earning
from this trading. thanks your video..

John Morrison says:

Also the spreads can be debit or credit too

John Morrison says:

Remember in the verticals the puts can be used in a bullish direction too……..

WennThe says:

Hi Sasha, does it make sense from your experience to use any option strategy for interday trading?

Daniel says:

Where did you trade at before selling wedding rings?

Paola Hernandez says:

Where do you recommend for beginners to start trading? Which system or software.

travis bickle says:

Great video, sounds like I need to learn more about "vega", I'm not too familiar with it.  Bought your book "245 money making stock chart set ups" and I must say it has definitely turbo-charged my swing trading, the pertinent information in the charts seems so much easier to see with a little brain training. Thanks for writing it and thanks for the videos

Lukas f. says:

What do you think about Tim Sykes

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