Cleveland Cavaliers vs Minnesota Timberwolves Full Game Highlights | 11.26.2018, NBA Season

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Cavs vs Timberwolves Full Game Highlights | 11.26.2018

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Chik Takeshi says:

im here for d rose

Mark Japhet Malibiran says:

Lol Wiggins with a soft slam..

Omar Pasha says:

The Cavaliers have to hustle more! And, you better put tight defense on Rose, or he will kill you!

Mr23W says:

It's sad no one noticed how good TT this season he really monster offensive rebound and double double machine

Eduardo Saavedra says:

8:38 KAT really asking to get fucked by Thompson

starz gonzales says:

CAvs tanking for Zion Williamson lol

Sensei Yuudai says:

Give the damn ball to korver

Bhogs Bhogsybhogs says:

Limited time for clarkson. That's the result!

Joseph Caringal says:

Korver should go to the lakers

Brixx Antonio says:

Sexton a midrange machine like Derozan

Ashy Larry says:

Thibs please don't worn out rose body like you did before, lessen the time of playing. We wan't to see rose plasy for decade

dinkdaplaymaka says:

Gibson hates this team

dawniewow says:

Best time for the cavs players, they get minutes, and they play well, though they lose most of the time.

C.J.A World says:

There are 3 sharpshooters right now in NBA…….Curry,Klay, and kyle Korver… if you agree

Brotherman From The 5th Floor says:

It's really nice seeing D.Rose on the thumbnail.

Jose Ramos says:

This is how Kyle korver SHOULD OF played last season

Supreme Revan says:

D Rose to the Lakers!!!

baseballer153 says:

Let Tyus Jones touch the ball 🙁

Toxic Melody says:

DRose was like hell nah not us! We ain't 76ers or Rockets

Ask Me says:

I'll say this…..I am a firm believer in the saying "if your not first, your last" lol especially in the NBA….if your going to play for a team that isn't capable of beating the Warriors or winning the West your doing your team more harm then good, the whole purpose of this league is to win championships and they tell you that in your orientation day 1, why win 55 games and get knocked in the 2nd round every single year when you could just lose get a high draft pick and hopefully that pick plays 35 min a game until he learns to play while they get more picks and you acquire more assets….teams like Indiana, Minnesota, Dallas, Memphis, Charlotte will never get free agents so you got to build through the draft, I think to them it's all about tickets and money cause there is no way Oladipo Turner Sabonis are winning you a title or a 7 games series against Philly and Boston Toronto. And if KAT and Wiggins really wanted to win they would have done what Butler says, cause without him they don't even have a punchers chance….

Cc Cc says:

Dude if rose didn’t show up in that 4th quarter they would of loss I swear

Fayz Ismael says:

Kyle that pose wow…. Drose brought me here.

Christian Ronquillo says:

Fuck rodney hood fiiring clutch shots. Korver is the legit clutch player

elvi ackerman says:

Wolves has better second unit than the starters. No teams would prepare for the second unit of their opponent. I think its their strategy.

Ambet Calma says:

Collin SUCKSton!!!

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