Full Panel: ‘Donald Trump is, number one, about Donald Trump’ | Meet The Press | NBC News

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Doris Kearns Goodwin, Helene Cooper, Danielle Pletka and Elise Jordan discuss President Trump’s Thanksgiving message.


Jeff Holland says:

How can anyone get anything but humor from this?

mark says:

Traitor trump the me me me baby , he sucks

Steve Blair says:

Pletka knows her stuff

Mike Hunt says:

The old communist globalist, Doris Kearns Goodwin, claims that POTUS attacks branches of government while the paid off shills in the media, the treasonous deep state, and the gangsters in the democrat party have attacked the POTUS on a daily basis. They are traitors that have attempted a coup d'état against the president.

mhdagd says:

Donald Trump is number one with the journalist. They talk about how great a President Trump is. Stop hating, start uniting . MAGA 2020!

Gary Beck says:

I,ve seen the error in my way God Jesus"." May the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob have mercy on us all; In Jesus name, AMEN

Andy Mcgraw says:

Surprise! Another hit piece on Trump

micheal conley says:

Trump a Russian agent lock him up

Sir Thinks a Lot says:

You need id to buy cereal!
-U.S President Donald Trump

Nazty says:

This is so biased from start to finish. How is this considered news?

Matt Hill says:

Because you know, if Clinton were president she wouldn’t think about the Clinton Foundation at all

Margaret Blank says:

I'm Canadian and I know that Judge Judy isn't on the U.S. Supreme Court! I am hoping that "You can't fix stupid" is entirely true because if it is, I despair that there's a chunk of the U.S. population that is beyond help. 🙁

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