Cancer Treatment and Having a Mesh Mask Made for Radiotherapy | Cancer Research UK

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If you are having radiotherapy for a brain tumour or a head and neck cancer you will need to wear a mesh mask. The mask helps to keep your head still and makes beating cancer easier by making the treatment target the cancer cells. Learn how a mesh mask is made. This is a Cancer Research UK video.

Learn more about radiotherapy masks:


sobster123 says:

Is that perspex?

Jaimie says:

This shit hurts so much

Snow Jin says:

Hi, this is Snow from China. We are the leading manufacturer of thermoplastic radiation masks. Compared with other suppliers, our masks have the features of no sticky, minimum shrinkage and strong tensil. Do you need a catalogue or phamplet? Pls call me back on whatsapp: 86 13240938037, thanks a lot.

LAW GAME says:

chances of stage 3 brain cancer plz is there any vidoes of ppl whom have survived

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