Web design trends to follow in 2018

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What were the biggest web design trends of last year, and what will be big this year? We made some research and searched for what freelance and agency designers are saying in online communities about this year’s trends.

The following web design trends have already started to leave their impression on the web, which is why there are already some cool examples of these trends in action. Keep watching to discover more about what’s behind each of these design trends and to find out why these may be beneficial to use in your own designs this year.

Vibrant Color Schemes
Thanks to the success we’ve seen with Material Design and what it’s enabled designers to do with bright colors in a controlled setting, This year is giving designers the thumbs-up to experiment with it even further.

This is partly helped by technological advances in monitors and devices with screens that are more suitable for reproducing richer colors. Vibrant and even clashing colors can be useful for newer brands hoping to instantly attract their visitors’ attention, but it is also perfect for brands who want to set themselves apart the ‘web-safe’ and the traditional.

Drop shadows and depth
Although shadows have been a staple of web design for quite a while, thanks to the progress of web browsers, we now see some exciting variations. With grids and parallax layouts, web designers are playing with shadows more than ever to create depth and the illusion of a world beyond the screen. This is a direct reaction to the flat design trend that was popular in years past.

Particle backgrounds
They say that an image says more than thousand words, and a moving one certainly does. Similarly, particle backgrounds immediately attract the user’s attention, so brands can create a memorable impression of themselves in only a few seconds.

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The Web Designer says:

0:00 Intro
0:17 Vibrant color schemes
0:58 Drop shadows and depth
1:20 Particle backgrounds
1:35 Broken grid layouts
2:05 Artificial intelligence
2:25 Mobile first
2:38 Micro interactions
2:55 Illustrations
3:14 Blobs
3:33 Animations
3:56 Hand drawn elements
4:09 Flexbox & CSS grid layouts
4:28 Fluid shapes
4:46 Typography
5:07 Ending thoughts

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