The Future of Web Design – 2018 // (Web VR)

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This video showcases and explains the future of designs, User experience and User Interfaces the the websites will evolve to in the coming years.


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Links to examples shown in the video:


Starting from the very first website and static web designs to super interactive and animated website featuring Virtual and Augmented reality with WebVR etc.


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zome59 says:

is this the narrator real voice?
I had to pitch it down almost 4 semitones (with AudioHijack & AU Plugin),
otherwise i couldn`t listen to this video – no joke.

Good examples at the end.

amir abrar says:

4:50 liaten..
you are saying this is pretty common
if this is common then why you are making this video??? why you wasting our time…
we NEED UNIQUE best and impressive things man

Sujeesh Joy says:

Good one, but feel like we are giving too much of emphasise to cosmetic looks than real user experience

Nishant Kundalia says:

Very nice and deep voice. A very mature way to show the amazing things. Keep it up

tru e says:

thanks, quite useful!

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