How Rob Kardashian’s Life Has ‘Completely Changed’ Since Weight Loss (Exclusive)

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A source close to the reality star tells ET Rob has been making big strides in terms of his health and his relationship with his family.

Exclusives from #ETonline :


Miguel Cruz says:

Lol this guy has FLAT OUT NO EXCUSE FOR NOT LOSING WEIGHT. He can hire the best personal trainers also chefs etc. and he has no job so time is not the issue like dang you shouldn’t lost weight awhile ago

Joe Montano says:

Did this guy eat Rob Kardashian?

S K says:

Imagine actually choosing Blacc Chyna to be with??? Lol

Preston says:

"6 month birthday"

ya Boy Jonez says:

Can we hear from Rob instead of these 'sources'?

Supergrover says:

He still wears that damn hat too high on the top of his head LOL

Roy_Thousand says:

I am rooting for Rob Kardashian! Being the only man in a all female family is tough! He had no real male role models! He also had difficulty finding women who were good for him, not gold digging leeches like Black Chyna!

Jag Mandair says:

Good job so proud of him it proves if you are determined you can do anything

Junior Raymond says:

He needs to ditch chyna.. she's making him unhealthy

jon doe says:

I wonder how his sock line is doing though…lol.

Michelle Burney says:

No Rob has been in a dark place since the break up with Adrian don't forget before he got with China he had dated Adrian and it spiralled down every since then and then he had some little fling with Malika and it still wasn't right he tried to get back with Adrian and I wasn't right happening and then he finally get with Blac Chyna and that wasn't happening either remember they went to counseling and everything that was way before Blac Chyna so people need to stop saying that you know because of Blac Chyna he was in the dark place no I think it just added to his situation the relationship that he had with Blac Chyna Rob wasn't ready to be with nobody

blahs HAHAHA says:

He's such a dweeb LOL

L R says:

We want pictures ET

matthias sanders says:

6 month birthday is not a birthday it's 6 month pre birthday party

Taylor S says:

Wtf is a 6month birthday?

MIRA 301 says:

There’s no such thing as a 6 month birthday

Robert Henry Scott says:

Congratulations Rob!! Keep up the great works! You can do it!!

Pink Omega says:

No one cares

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