Donald Trump’s full turkey pardon, 2018

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President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump participate in the presentation of the National Thanksgiving turkey at the White House.

Either “Peas” or “Carrots” will be the lucky recipient of a presidential pardon Tuesday — not that either has committed a crime — but the well-timed reprieve at least means retirement for the Thanksgiving turkeys to the relative freedom and comfort of a Virginia farm.

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drichard12 says:

Didn't he already pardon a Turkey named D'Souza?

Nicki LovesDogs says:

I love turkeys. Go vegan.

Darlene Stahl says:

The guy who raised the turkey is from Riverside Hutterite Colony in South Dakota, not "Hutterville" Colony.

Joy Pain says:

I wonder if his wife is still having sex with him…is his daughter still…..aaah, never mind.

ding chavez says:

nice space suit melania. where ya going? christmas shopping on donald's uranus?

Sumit Kumar says:

It was more important to uphold this tradition than Veterans day visit.

dabig77 says:

Beto is the white Obama? That makes Trump the white Don King?

dabig77 says:

Pence will have to Pardon the biggest Mother Clucker

tomitstube says:

from the seth myers show. "trump just pardoned 2 turkeys, right after bob mueller subpoenaed them."

Tanya Louise says:

They should hold it at Gobblers Knob in Punxsutawney , then it could also tell us if we are going to have 12 more weeks of winter.
And I just did a census check. Apparently there is actually 1 , yes just 1 person in the whole of the USA with the first name of Peas !

ShaDoWCa7 says:

♥ ♥ ♥ President TRUMP! ♥ ♥ ♥

Cholo Lolo says:

Careful now with the hands in that pardon because the dumbocrats may offer the turkey free attorneys to file sexual assault case 20 years from now

Preston Tribble says:

This year I’m thankful for triggered libs!

James Beech says:

have you ever notice they only pardon white turkeys. BTM (black turkeys matter).

Joseph Harris says:

Why not make this tradition something more meaningful and newsworthy by also pardoning deserving people.
A Petition that Donald J. Trump, President of the United States: Pardon Julian Assange

Patrick Kasongo says:

Turkey scared trump to slap it!!!

Tone Mac says:

TRUMP 2020!! And after that each and every member of Trump's family to
follow like a Kennedy Dynasty. Donald Trump Junior ….. Ivanka ……
2nd cousin Susie …… 4th cousin (once removed) Tracy …… 111th
cousin twice removed Bob Trump and so on …. and so on.

Michael Barrett says:

Wow so petty, even at a softball event

Martin O'BRIEN says:


rey dreem says:


cableaddict says:

Headline News:
President Trump pardons 2 Thanksgiving turkeys!
– Then immediately nominates them for the Supreme Court.

George West says:

Many Trump hating fools. Best economy in decades, more jobs for everyone, drug prices dropping, Jerusalem recognized as capital of Israel (as it has been for 4000 years), more accomplishments in 2 years than any president in recent history. When we ask why you hate him, you get things like "he's a racist". You people need to get a life.

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