Best of – 2018 Tour de France Škoda China Critérium

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Z4K1_ ZAKI says:

Geriant had new glasses!!!

Everton moura dos Santoss Moura says:

Minha paixão o ciclismo

Soz 'r says:

I was thinking about something : Does ASO pay all travel for El Diablo ? Did they hire him for as an international symbol ?

Soz 'r says:

Sounds like shit but not ok

Logan Bradley says:

Brutal Chinese Dog Meat Festival
Dogs Slaughtered for Chinese Restaurants
Dogs Killed for Leather

T Slivester says:

These races are fake no?

냥냥냥 says:

Is it just a fake show?

허준혁 says:

China"s air is so dirty..

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