All Best Advanced Humanoid Robots Until 2018 Ep. 02

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All Best Humanoid Robots Till 2018
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1. Honda ASIMO

2. Kawada HRP-4

3. Petman
Petman is an anthropomorphic robot developed by Boston Dynamics.

4. Boston-Dynamics-robot-atlas

5. T-HR3

All 3 Geminoids

6. Geminoid DK

7. Geminoid hi-4

8. Geminoid F



Inventions World says:

All Best Advanced Humanoid Robots Until 2018 Ep. 02

Maritza Piccarillo says:

I want a robot with a big fuckable cock!

Brad Tharpe says:

Friendly? Like a real emotion?

ugo duru says:

Don't worry everyone, Jesus Christ would have returned to fix things by then…..or right after then.

manu says:

Abra una batalla de robot. Bakan

Emanuel Silva says:

Asimo is obsolete

Hardcore Gamer says:

I need a robot to help me with chores and work. Lets hope that will be possible in 10 years.

Y'ain’t says:

He’s nice but he dances like a drunk white guy

the one says:

So you can let the roboto-san kill anybody you hate scary truth. For me prison nope it was not me after all

DAY UM says:

why Asimo is here ? oriental robot haha

Jorge Gomez says:

i get the feeling that in 100 years we will have the robots seated in those chairs watching an human, admiring all we could – slowly – do.

Sven Fruiti says:

10:30 cant you make a robot with the movement of boston, and good voice and face like Sophia? I know…it would be…so expensive xD

N M M says:

They are looking to make humans history.

N M M says:

Unless the days be shortened no man shall survive. But for the elect's sake the days have been shortened.

Pwner 251 says:

How much money would i need to save up over my lifetime to afford that as a pet.

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