How to come up with a Logo Design Concept – The Freelance Life [DAY 2]

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Had a question from SoaR Jesper ” A video how you come up with logo concepts would be great” so wanted to sit down and share with you the process on how I create a logo!


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Camera Rig:
– Sony A7S II
– Sony Zeiss 35mm 2.8
– Sony a6300
– Sigma 30mm 1.4
– Sony 10-18mm F4
– Zhiyun Crane 3 Axis Gimbal
– RØDE VideoMicro Microphone
– Typhoon Q500 4k Drone
– HTC U11




Mega GirlBoss says:

Great content!

TrueFreeDumb says:

Hey man love your videos and this video really helped me as i'm currently working on a brand to start my own company not as a but we will want to offer designs along with custom designs as well and this gave me a much clearly way to work with a client through-out the process 🙂

tr33 says:

Thanks a lot man, you got me back to logo design I had an art-block and I ended and started a long break now I have to do a logo and no ideas were coming to my brain at all so I looked up How to come up with a logo design ideas and found your video which really got me back thanks for motivation keep up with good quality content man. 😉

tybearious says:

So my channel is Demgainzzz gaming so how would i do that?lplz help

Kanga says:

hey i love creating art in photoshop, online, and anywhere really and wanted to find a way i could kind of market my talent to create logos/designs for people, how do go about doing that?

joshua Leonard says:

Hey aaron , so during your sketch process are you suggesting , showing your clients the sketching process ? How do you go about that in a professional manner ?

Rise says:

Hi Aaron, i've just discover you channel some days ago and i really like your storytelling approach. The subject doesn't matter you always make us interested!
I'll try that for my own videos, thansk a lot for sharing those tips with us!

Akash Singh says:

Your channel deserves more subs. Keep up the good work.

IzzyGoneCrazy says:

Good stuff, bro!


Great video homie keep doing your thing

Zurt Plays says:

I love how low key your you tube is man. I watch all the vids you post and appreciate them all! Thanks for the inspiration!

DOUBLE A says:

Great video bro, helped a lot! 😉

Appsrow says:

Great video man, keep it up!

thyFrostBite says:

Second Comment?

Raspberry Creative says:


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