The Joe Budden Podcast Episode 194 | Mathematics

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On this episode, Joe, Rory and Mal covered new music that was released this past week. They also discussed Justin Bieber in the hood, the purpose of wellness centers, 6ix9ine vs YG, Pete Davidson’s SNL speech and much more!

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bosssmannn2011 says:

Shout out for mal for going to St.Thomas

John Doe says:

Stupid motherfukers don't go chasing waterfalls sound like don't go chasing something that's impossible for you to have

Damien Scott says:

To vote and not know who or what your voting for is reaallly stupid bro. But good for you for trying to go get the knowledge king.

Shanell Mescudi says:

Joe low key want to get to know Mal.

latebluebird says:

i cringe every time you guys say anything political. please check out jimmy dore he will get you up to date super fast.

Kenya Daniels says:

I’m a Nas Stan and I didn’t like his album with Kanye

Carson Ramsey says:

Good for Mal

L Jordan says:

1:06:45 so nobody laughed at Rory's Nicki Minaj trash line reference?! That pick a K shit was top 5 worst bars all time

doug campbell says:

You got butt ass? Lmao

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