Spiders in Space | Because Science Footnotes

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Kyle talks spiders in zero gravity, responds to your comments, and more!

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david lee says:

that last super nerd comment was my same idea, he just did the better research, well done

venabre says:

I'm watching this video from the JFK airport in New York while I wait for my flight that got delayed because of snow.

So… greetings from NYC! Kinda fitting

NJ M says:

"If you think you're not the kind of person who should go into science, you are exactly who we need." That is beautiful. I hope people take that to heart.

Green says:

Do more videos in the space ship. Way cooler then the void. Plus you can actually interact with things instead of just staring at nothing.

Kylo Wren says:

Huh, guess that covers the bit of the theory of relativity nobody talks about.

Chris Zacho says:

"Reproduction silk"? Spiders are into BDSM??

Ruben Fugate says:

I would like to point out "run a way trains just don't happen" comment… it does happen. Just last month a systems failed on two UP trains causing a head-on collision at full speed between Cheyenne and Laramie in Wyoming (less the 2 miles from where I live.) 2 crew members were killed. One of the engines is still sitting on the side of the road for all to see as they drive on I-80. And seeing that masive mangled wreck twice a day reminds me the absolutely no system can be a hundred percent safe…. ever…

Fonzolicious210 says:

I didn’t even know you were in San Antonio?!

RedRoy Productions says:

If Spiderman web shooting apparatus were comparable to spider spinets, that would be a relevant statement.

They are not.

Bawono Satrio Adi says:

Ever think breaking down the collective subconciousness sistem like in The Matrix, Inception, and The Evil Within?

Darth Awar says:

Kyle is an AI that is what the Void is, It is his background in a low power saving mode while he is out of the void it is his creators testing environments on him to see how he reacts to them and if they generate enough 3D environment to let him believe he is in the real world (he already believes he is a human after all and responds like a Humanoid AI should in the Turing Tests!) and interact with Bots (limited AI's like Nat) and other Advanced AI in an attempt to grow the AI's even faster!

Think about it AI makers can test and improve their AI, Quantum CPU makers can fully stress test their CPU's to find ways to improve them and fix existing problems that might not otherwise be found and GPU Makers can test technology's like Ray Tracing Software and new GPU Core Architecture's a Humanoid like AI is the perfect test bed to push all these technologies forward!

Chris Kiraly says:

How does spider silk (or a similar lightweight medium) "shoot" out at any appreciable velocity with the accuracy and distance we see in the comics? There's no weighted end to pull it along. A light breeze would simply blow the silk off course or back in Parker's face. I have trouble imagining it traveling farther than a couple feet even with a strong throwing motion.

S Crighto says:

Hahha no run away trains. There was a iron ore train that had no way of stopping 2 weeks ago in Western Australia that ended up derailed because it left the driver behind

Pushan A says:

If it is just a rope…it would put a lot of strain on spidey's arms and his swinging wont be that perfect because he somewhat pulls on it not just holds it therefore purposely stretching it so that it helps he throw himself a lot harder when that stree from the stretch release

MotoX2good says:

Could the hulk run at light speed? If he became infinitely strong, would you be able to move his muscles/limbs at infinite speeds, thus running at lightspeed, or even swimming at light speed? Or even jump into a light speed?


I posted here instead of a Halo episode because I didn't think it would get seen, but….
You think you can do a slipstream space or slipspace episode to humor a lowly soul like me?

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