President Donald Trump Rages About Mueller Probe, Calling It A ‘Total Mess’ | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

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President Trump took to Twitter this morning to express his discontent about the continuing probe by Special Counsel Robert Mueller calling it “a total mess … absolutely nuts.”
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President Donald Trump Rages About Mueller Probe, Calling It A ‘Total Mess’ | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


no quarter says:

This chick is hot

Flemming Ryland says:

Oh Donny boy, you sound nervous. First of all, Mueller is a Republican. Can't say that enough. He was confirmed to run the FBI under the George W Bush administration and, as they mentioned, by a 98-0 margin. Both Republicans and Democrats voted to confirm him. And again, as was stated, the Special Council didn't need a Senate confirmation. If it it had, it would've been confirmed as well. If Trump had nothing to hide, he wouldn't be as defensive as he so obviously is. I wasn't born yet when the Nixon investigation was going on but according to my dad, it took them about 2 years to come up with their findings. He even told me Trump makes Nixon look like a boy scout. Yikes! I look forward to what Mueller has uncovered. The most important thing to note here is that not even Trump is above the law (although in his feeble little mind, he probably thinks he is).

Megara: Certified Everything says:

California is on fire. People are losing their homes and lives. Can we talk about that?

ari1234a says:

Aaaah The President of United States……. Donald Trump, ladies and gentlemen, Donald J Trump.
If you see a horde of Americans remember that 4 out of 10 are Trump supporters….. Behave accordingly.
Laughing at them is advised but not pointing with finger, thats just rude.

Oscar Rodriguez says:

Donald Trump maybe the stupidest person ever. We are going out of town this weekend

hagnuj says:

Fake President


Tupac for president

dicemanace says:

Have you noticed MSNBC has said very little about Avenatti and his arrest for domestic violence !

Edwin C says:

Trum what's up with the dirty sheriff's in asotin wa aka Clarkston wa?¿

p ace says:

U didn't give millions of documents…. We should Thank FBI for getting millions of documents from cohen office, house & his hotel room….
How come nobody can see that after midterm trump started to provoke his fans to start the violence?!!! And He keep making it worse day by day

Yajaira Ramos says:

thanks to does the choose this Hitler n his disgrace Republicans!!!! this itts trash!!!!! narcissist

Utha says:

I think we can take Trumps #MAGA and #ImpeachTrump

Arjun Shetty says:

It’s your job to give evidence when you generate fake news you idiots in cnn and msnbc 🙂

Kaboom 214 says:


Matt Zaharias says:

Trump cannot utter a single sentence without lying. It's so pathetic.

Raji Fredrick says:

His job is to make America great nothing more and nothing less

bluecircleofsquares says:

Guilty as all sin

D Me says:

Orange Boy is a disgusting POS, who's now adding supreme paranoia to his sociopathic resume of crazy.

Mark Everhart says:

Trump is upset b/c the written Questions from Republican Mueller are "Gotch you" The end is near.

Xavier Haymaker says:

Try to remove Trump there will be a civil war

Larry O'Dea says:

Is it true that President Trump might dissolve if exposed to rain?

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