Tour de France 2018 Stage 13 full

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Tour de France 2018 Stage 13
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Stage 14 :


Keaja Alexander says:

There’s no way you could do this being sober

Glenn Zornig says:

These riders are going so slowly that Marshall Taylor would have ridden away from the peloton and won the stage at his own training pace.

Nicholas Schneider says:

So much respect for these guys man risking life and limb to accomplish something like this, Im 14 live in the US love mountain biking I’ve got myself a nice cannondale and I can barely do 15 – 20 miles without dying. Thanks for sharing you’ve got a new subscriber

Carlos Spohr says:

Thanks for sharing!

Cameron E says:

I would have been super pissed if I paid for such choppy coverage

Edit – thanks for posting though. My comment is out of frustration of not being able to watch easily in the US without paying for it. Then it appears that (this particular broadcast at the least) is choppy. If I would have paid for that "service" I would have been very mad. As it is I couldn't really watch this… I started shopping ahead shortly after the start and it happened everywhere in the video. Other videos don't do that so I don't think it's my connection or YouTube and I have seen similar sketchiness during other cycling events… So.

Anyway. Thanks again for the effort

altevir oliveira says:

Fantastico Peter Sagan

SaGa03 says:

Can you upload the 20race please?

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