New findings have physicists questioning reality

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Physicists at CERN are working to determine why the equal amounts of matter and antimatter in the universe haven’t annihilated each other. CBS News science and futurist contributor and theoretical physicist Michio Kaku joins CBSN to discuss this discovery.

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Say Gux says:

I like Genesis. This man's theory about creation is so confusing.

Donna Woodford says:

Some of these comments are so funny. Life is a mystery, and a 3 year old will probably figure it out, and get the Nobel prize next year.

Ayden Salerno says:

In quantum field theory, 2 particles are made, 1 matter 1 antimatter, and if 1 particle is pulled away from the other somehow, they shouldn't collide and the 2 particles will last longer before colliding together and "exploding," so couldn't it be that the matter went to one side of the universe and the other went to the other side of the universe and when the universe started expanding they were more and more separated so that our observable universe is matter and somewhere far away there is a bunch of antimatter

troy millay says:

GOD!!! Give me my nobel prize NOW!!

Sam Okay says:

Suddenly I found myself more intelligent than CBSN anchor when she said I don't know what you're talking about , though I'm 12th drop out.

Lee Harrison says:

One positive electron caused a cascade, I As in I Am… in the beginning was the word If you need proof look left look right . Then rewatch this video and listen to the smartest man on earth

MsPulimen says:

So if I meet a social person, that means we would explode?

David Johnson says:

Watching the ignorant 'reporter'…no doubt a liberal…try to keep up was laughable. The most difficult part of her undergraduate training as a 'journalism' major was to always be certain to oppose conservative view points.

Tom Thumb says:

Kaku looks really stupid with his ling hair.

J says:

Theoretical question. if we can't find antimatter anywhere in this reality of ours maybe we are in antimatter reality and matter is wrapping us up like gift box, eh?

Lei MN says:

This sooo 'angels and demons'

Nikki Dolce says:

Or maybe their Big Bang theory is wrong

whiteclifffl says:

I’m anti CBS. Am I going to explode?

Mr. Soles says:

Genesis 1:1

Francisco Alcantara says:

Thats cuz the big bang* in the science(religion) was a man made up belief. God ( what ever name u call him it thee or know em by) created it

Pål Henrik Velde says:

Maybe not everything was destroyed but some of it was transformed into dark energy?

j man says:

That's cuz God is real. Out of our understanding. I not saying sience is fake its real. And it points to the fact that someone ( God) put everything in order right here in this spot of the universe. Not to say there might be more and we should be exploring the universe, not fighting destroying the world.

R L says:

The title should be "New findings make physicists claims moot. A discovery earlier this year debunked one of their so-called Laws of Physics, you can find that at

Mr Watson says:

Respectfully Michio Kaku reminds me of Yoda…

Colin Sheehan says:

I too am a theoretical physicist. I even have my theoretical doctorate from the University of Science and Stuff.


The big bang nonsense.

Andookie says:

I wonder if we're going to believe in the Big Bang 1000 years later.

Flames World says:

Why we here? To worship the creator not hard

Alchemy says:

And as if to demonstrate Michio's dedication to String Theory, he has his hair…made out of string.

Angel Muk says:

Dear Timothy Fish: Of course you are most correct, that the SOUL is "immaterial"! My problem is,
that my mother-language is not English, nor did I ever go to an English school, so it does happen
that I do choose the wrong words, while wanting to say something correct. Thank you for replying!

Emily The Weirdo says:

Looks like after all these years of development in science and technology,we are still unable to answer an ancient question been asked by humanity for millennia:why is there something rather than nothing?

Daniel Aco says:

Anti matter is hard to produce

Boo Radley says:

Everything you see with your eyes is an illusion.

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