PTI Government Failed To Control The Economy of Pakistan Says Ahsan Iqbal | Dunya News

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PTI Government Failed To Control The Economy of Pakistan Says Ahsan Iqbal | Dunya News

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Shahzad Ahmad says:

Non ka gola

Sybok says:

Ahsan Iqbal you are nothing but a pointless, unproductive, impractical and worthless pest of MLN. This objection and criticism is the tool that you are trying to use to stop an investigation against your and your MLN party's members corruptions.

MF M says:

Pakistan has had one weak or corrupt leader after another that have allowed the nation to become trapped in Wahhabism and Arab politics, anti-intellectualism, and kleptocracy. Prime Minister Modi and the BJP are using racial, religious, ethnic and caste divisions to implement a fascist remaking of India, Hindi, and history. PM Modi is simply following the success of President Trump and MAGA in remaking the USA into a Christian extremist and white nationalist state. Similarly, men like King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman are recreating the entire middle east into an Arab only, Islamic extremist, and authoritarian network of states. Myanmar has the Noble Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, Israel has Prime Minister Netanyahu, Africa has President Touadera and dozens of others, while Europe has leaders emulating the racist and fascist policies of Marie Le Penn and her father. Humanity must first accept that we are prone to such hate and violence, and then setup a system of checks and balances, family by family, village by village, state by state, and nation by nation, to implement the ideal we are better than what we have become. Religion, culture, ideology, language, are all essential but ethics and critical thinking are paramount to building a sustainable and just global society.

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