Federal Reserve’s rate hikes slowing the economy down?

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OppenheimerFunds CIO Krishna Memani on the outlook for the U.S. economy and the Trump administration’s trade policies.


Lucifer Light says:

I was at the bank last week and an old lady asked me to check her balance ; so i pushed her over .

Comodoro says:

the yield curve of 2 years and 10 years are almost inverted.. from 1 to 3 years a recession occurs

Truth Seeker says:

When fox says don’t take out the investments its time to take em out lol

Truth Seeker says:

The only way he can drain the swamp is to end the federal reserve which has bankrupt this country with fraudulent debt schemes that are illegal. We need to give Congress the power to print interest free real and legal money not legal tender

888strummer says:

Raising rates is killing the stock market and it will kill the economy if mortgages and car loans go much higher. 30 year mortgages have risen from 3.2% up to almost 5% in just 2 years; to the point where a borrower of $200,000 today is paying $155/month more today than 2 years ago. Borrowing $400,000 doubles that number. It's no surprise that more and more potential real estate borrowers are losing interest. And more and more new homeowners will be under water when prices begin to drop. Many recessions are caused directly by the Fed. The guest who says stay invested is saying investors panic out at the wrong time, but not everyone has to be all or nothing. Investors can pull some of their money out and put it in safer places that pay 2 to 5% and that's what's happening already

alex 45 says:

If we had a productive economy we wouldn't be running these huge trade deficits and also you'd see less hours worked & high purchasing power.

alex 45 says:

Even though the Fed is still talking about removing the monetary props, there's not much left that they can remove without the whole thing coming toppling down. The evidence is already there that the economy is weak. And Trump wants to pretend the economy is strong .

alex 45 says:

People confuse a good economy with a massive credit bubble from all of the QE and low interest rates. We have more debt than we had in 2008 and still a GDP composed of 75% debt-financed consumption.

old bogan says:

It's a jew thing to do, to fuck up a good thing for the goy

Dave Farley says:

End the fed

3nien says:

Trade war with China is slowing down the US economy…..face the truth..

Edward White says:

These interest hikes this fast killed off my business this year. sucks to be a small mom and pop relying on adjustable rates. Theres nothing to protect us

B uppy says:

Trying to harm the US. The Fed needs to be reined in.

Bear Bonez says:

What economy? U mean china cheap goods an Muslim ciggerette store taxes. Wtg

TeabaggersSUCK1 says:

maria wishes Traitor tRump would GRAB her PUSSY!

united westand says:

Not surprised. Not one ounce of that gold belongs to the u.s anyway. If we were called upon to pay off our national debt today we wouldn't have enough of anything to do so.

Unkel Faka says:

Yes. Housing is slowing down. American dept is high. The stock market dropped last month and was scary like 2008. Central banks need to go. The Fed is a private bank. Trump is right. Do some research Americans. Your family weath depends on it. Prepare for a big slow down in the years to come.


You can't have it both ways 0 interest and a good economy it's a fake economy built on cheap debt

C17H25N FTW says:

Yeah, the economy is going so well, that's why Nationwide just jacked-up my auto insurance for no justified reason. Their answer: "cost of living increase across the board".

Autumn Roberts says:

Good! Let's get on gold standard

steve levario says:

The crooks are back!

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