Trump And Putin’s Weekend In Paris

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Donald Trump is heading to Paris this weekend for two of his favorite things: meeting with Vladimir Putin and parades.

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MatchstalkMan says:

The least honourable president who dodged military service is to represent the US in honouring the selfless personnel who fought and died with honour? SMH

Slow Poke says:

Benjamine just cancelled his trip to meet Vlad, again Vlad, Ben, & Don there simultaneously for 'mysterious' meetings.

HT200 says:

So they get to just get away with their lies and filth? Got it.

Jack Shite says:

Even with the constant hating on trump by CNN and Colbert is anyone else beginning to think Trump is hilarious AF? I know the goal of this humour is to get us to hate him but it's having the opposite affect on me hahaha!

Sarah Walker says:

That dance though!

Neeraja Balachander says:

“A Trump never pays his debts!!” ❤️❤️❤️

Tig Dogsbody says:

“Biggest doughboy “. Well said sir.

Christian Smith says:

I hate my ducking life and I hate every last one of you

chica bien says:

Colbert is a nice treat, Fox News is garbage

Design International says:

Bigmouth n Small brain TRUMP is a total Shame to the whole WORLD!!!

Dorothy Mack says:

It is so easy to emotionally manipulate trump's worshipers. They are mentally deficient. Tell them the U.S. is being invaded by a disease ridden group of strong, young men and they go rushing to the polls to vote Republican.

Jack Daniels says:

Dump is in France for Le Pen which is a racist party that will take the French Elections in 2019 plus Putin will be there. Note Putin is dumping the American Dollar which hurts America so he ain't your friend even though Trump Loves him!

Milky Joe says:

I Google Youtube and this shit pops up!

Talking Mandarin says:

These jokes are getting worse and worse wow

A A says:

Jon Batista (2018) : "Yeah"

Rigo Flores says:

Trumps moronic followers will believe anything he says, bottom line!

HintonBE says:

Trump And Putin's Weekend In Paris
The 69-Year-Old Man Who Identifies As 49
Two Marine Pilots Drew A Penis In The Sky

Ioannis Morakis says:

1:25 That's a saying but those are not their words, they actually are "Hear me Tweet!!"

jahna roth says:

It's a good weekend to watch 'all is quiet' about our doughboys and watch Snoopy in the plane about the French countryside. And know and remember that the grandchildren of the French Legions fought against the Vicci government and were pro Victor Laslo and pro Isreali Nation and the French resistance. And remember Friday the 13 th always but not for serial bombers. For the Paris victims of those who would harm Isreal and American Allies.

Nads French says:

I can't watch fox and foe either i tend to vomit

Jen Sta. Ana says:

that dancing is so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!

david githu says:

Stephen is a good dancer

TheLovie999 says:

Trump's appraisal by Putin is due.

Kelly Smith says:

What happens in Gay Ol' Pay-Ree stays in Pay-Ree!

Russian Bot says:

Stephen Colbert’s dance may be the best thing ever. I wish I had moves like that

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